Hi, I’m Mel Cruz. I’m a Hair and Make-Up Artist since 2008.

People always ask me what field I was in before this. I worked for a top IT company, I got awarded as the number one in sales as a rookie but I left because my heart belongs here: I like making people beautiful. For 15 years, I’ve been doing hair and makeup with love. Who wouldn’t fall for this job? Clients welcome me to their homes or suite like a guest, laugh with me, appreciate me, invite me to join them at their dinner table. Filipino hospitality at its finest… Anyway, It’s just icing on the cake but when they send long message of thanks, write me good reviews online, give me referrals, it could be the most fulfilling job in the world.

So I thought I would retire at 40 but I’m past my 45 now and clients still keep me on their speed dial. I get invited to the important dates of their lives not only as their Hair and Make-Up Artist, but as guests.

Clients have brought me to Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Tuguegarao, Mindoro, Ilocos, Boracay and to Hong Kong. In my count, there’s about more than a thousand Hair and Makeup Artists already in Manila alone, a lot of them are really good, but I wonder why I still get the word of mouth. Whatever their reason is, I will continue this journey, keep my tools clean, be on time, always be updated with trends, polish my skills, be kind to my fellow suppliers and keep all the juicy girl talks shared with me as private as possible.

I don’t know how many faces I’ve done already, but I’d be more than happy to glam up some more before my hands start shaking. You should experience to be on my makeup chair at least once in your life. I hope to see you soon!